Phoenix Spotlight

Phoenix Games ( is looking for talented Games Data Analysts for it’s Spotlight internal team. Spotlight is a centralised service organisation that provides Studios within the Phoenix Games group with data services including UA, Game Data Analysis, Reporting and deeply integrated Optimisation products. Spotlight maintains raw data from all games across the group and builds services focused on this. We also provide the Game Studios ways to access and understand the data their games generate and these range from standard reporting and dashboards to more advanced analysis aiming to answer Studio’s specific game development and performance questions.



You will be responsible for building data pipelines, analysing large amounts of data and visualising insights from a variety of games for The Phoenix Spotlight, across multiple platforms from mobile to console.

A Games Data Analyst will work closely with development studios, game development teams, product managers and internal teams to validate learnings and optimise our games to improve upon a range of KPIs and metrics.  You will take responsibility for analytics solutions including designing data pipelines, building dashboards and visualisations, and ad hoc analyses for mobile F2P titles across the Phoenix group of studios.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are using an entirely virtual recruitment process for the role. Remote work as a short term and potentially longer term arrangement is a possibility for this position.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role and/or must have worked on a live game.
  • Designing tracking for f2p games, measuring game performance and providing actionable insights back to the team.
  • Experience with visualization and reporting tools such as Tableau
  • Creating and reading dashboards in order to gain a better understanding of overall game performance


  • Self-sufficient and ability to adopt a pragmatic mindset.
  • A solid quantitative background (mathematics, statistics, computer science, etc…) is strongly preferred
  • Highly proficient in SQ and Python
  • Tableau and AWS experience is a plus
  • Extremely strong mathematical and computing skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to eloquently deliver unbiased and actionable data insights.
  • Able to strike a healthy balance between scientific and creative ways of working.

Desired Skills:

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